Explore One In A Million

Well, more like one in twenty-three million if Google's search results are anything to go by...

What am I rambling on about I hear you ask. EXPLORE. Explore is a linklog. "A link exploration into all corners of the internet", or so I say! The aim of the website is to collect and organise links from all over the internet. Different interests are grouped together with tags. The links are provided by members of Explore and their contributions can be browsed individually.

Basically "Explore" is a place where you can find some of the best links from around the web, well, that's the idea. Today the site has reached one-hundred links so it seems like a nice time to announce it here.

You can view a persons profile to get an idea of the sort of links they're likely to post, followed by all the links they've added. If you want to follow that person's linklog you can subscribe to their RSS feed. Alternatively you can subscribe to the whole site and never miss a link that's added.

What's in it for you? If you're just browsing, the site can give a huge insight into a lot of links you may miss on your daily 'journey' through the internet. If you're a member, you can easily integrate the links you contribute into you own links on your personal website via the RSS feed. Everyone wins. Users get new content, often, and members get content for their own personal website.

But wait, it's not finished. Not by a long way! I've got loads of ideas to add to the site, including comments for members and allowing anyone to sign-up. These'll come soon, I hope. In the mean time check it out, and leave comments here about it if you so wish.

Go check out Explore....

(As for the twenty-three million, well for some reason the site, which I haven't promoted at all, is number one for "link exploration" out of over twenty-three million results. OK, it may not be the most common search terms, but still...)