Things I Use

There seems an interest in the hardware and software people are using, so much so that there is a dedicated “uses” movement where people document what they use. Well, this is my list of some of the technology I use…


I work on an Apple MacBook Pro 15" with a Keychron K2 wireless mechanical keyboard and a Logitech MX Master 3 mouse. I have a Griffin Elevator laptop stand and use LG 27UK850 27" Monitor. I keep things connected using a Elgato Thunderbolt 3 Dock.

In my office, I sit on a Herman Miller Aero chair. I have a set of Nanoleaf panels to keep me illuminated and add a bit of colour.

My house WiFi is powered by a Nighthawk X6 AC3200 R8000 router and connected to the outside world with Virgin Media. I use Philips Hue lighting throughout my home and office. I talk to my house with a couple of Google Home Minis and pictures with a Google Nest Hub.

Away from my desk, I tap an iPhone 12 Pro and an Apple Watch Series 6 to track my fitness. I fly a DJI Spark drone. When cycling I use a Garmin Edge 530.


I run macOS. My web browser of choice is Firefox. To keep me productive I use Alfred. I use Spotify to listen to music. I use Tweetbot for Mac to doomscroll and Slack to talk to clever folk.

Web Development

I use Visual Studio Code for my web development. I use the Dark+ theme with the Menlo font. I use Sequel Pro or Sequel Ace to access databases. For my termnial I use iTerm2 with Oh My Zsh and the Solarized Dark theme.


This site is built using the Laravel PHP framework. I use Tailwind CSS behind the scenes to generate the styles. Laravel Mix makes using webpack easy. I compile my CSS using PostCSS The project repository is hosted on GitHub.

The site makes use of a lot of existing open source code and resources. highlight.js is used to make the code blocks more readable with syntax highlighting. The random pattern in the footer uses GeoPattern library.